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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  • Barrington
  • May 24, 2023


With temperatures on the rise, this means one thing: spring is coming. Not only should you expect
warmer weather, but it’s also time to start spring cleaning your apartment. By doing some spring
cleaning, you’ll feel better and you’ll start the new season on the right foot. Here are some tips
and tricks on how to have your apartment so clean that it sparkles!


To keep your spring cleaning as organized as possible, start by writing down everything you would
like to clean and organize. Not only will this help you remember what you want to get done, but it
will also help you stay on track! To make your list, start be getting a pen and paper or opening
the notes app on your phone. Then make a to-do list of everything you want to get done, as well as
making a note of how you plan on cleaning each item or space. Once you’re done making your to-do
list, you can start cleaning and checking items off!


Start by cleaning room by room instead of doing a little cleaning in the kitchen and then a little
cleaning in the bedroom. If you clean room by room instead of cleaning a little here and there, it
will help you will help stay organized and finish faster. Pick a room to start with, clean
everything in that room, and then mark it off your list and move onto the next room.


Not only is it important to get your apartment cleaned, but it’s also essential to organize and
declutter your home. Start by going through your closet and donating clothes you don’t wear
anymore. To organize your closet, buy shoe organizers to help your closet be more organized. While
you’re at it, go ahead and take some time to organize your junk drawer and throw away things that are just straight
junk. Then take some time to turn your junk drawer into a drawer that’s useful. Decluttering will
help your space feel more organized and help you feel more at home.


Often when we deep clean our homes, we forget to clean the windows, blinds, and even curtains! To
clean your windows, take some glass cleaning spray and paper towels, then give a good scrub. Once
your windows are cleaned, take a duster and dust your blinds. Then give them a good wipe down with
a wet cloth or paper towel. If you have curtains and they are machine washable, toss them in the
wash. If they can’t go in the washing machine, dust them off and vacuum them. Before you know it,
your windows will be letting in more natural light than they ever did before.


Even though you may wipe down your appliances every once and a while, you may not be cleaning them
as thoroughly as you should. Spring cleaning gives you the opportunity to really deep clean your
appliances. Most ovens, washers, and dishwashers have a “clean” button, so to start cleaning them,
just tap the “clean” button. Next get some hot. soapy water and scrub down the inside of your
microwave. Then go through your fridge and throw away all the expired food. Once you have organized
your food, give your fridge a good scrub with some disinfectant wipes. Finally, you should consider
cleaning your dryer. Start by cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer by vacuuming it out. Not
only will this help you dry your clothes faster, but it will help you prevent fires in your home.


Last but certainly not least, spring cleaning gives you the opportunity to deep clean your
bathroom. Start by emptying your counter and shower. Then wipe your counter and sink with some
disinfectant wipes. To clean your mirror, use some glass cleaner and a rag until the mirror shines!
Next, spray your shower with some disinfectant spray, scrub it with a sponge, and then rinse off
the residue. Finally, to clean your toilet, make sure you wipe down the outside of the toilet with
disinfectant wipes then clean the inside of the toilet with disinfectant spray and a toilet brush.
When you’re done, your bathroom will smell amazing and feel fresh and clean!

Now that you have finished your spring cleaning, light a candle, get comfy on your couch. and enjoy
your sparkling clean apartment!

Happy spring, Renters!



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