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Fall Decor Ideas for Your Apartment

  • Barrington
  • October 12, 2021


From the changing leaves, pumpkin spice flavored treats, and chilly weather, there’s a lot to love about fall. Even if you’re a diehard pool day fan, you can still appreciate the comfortable, nostalgic feeling that fall brings. As the season changes from long, sunny days to cool, moonlit nights, going out turns into cozy nights at home. Time indoors makes having a space that feels homey and comfortable essential. Use these fall decor ideas to transform your apartment into the coziest den of your festive dreams.


Deck out your patio



Fall decor starts with the front stoop. Go all out and add pumpkins, leafy garland, fall flowers, and lanterns around your front door. The possibilities are endless here, so pick a theme and go for it. You could choose a Halloween theme, a pumpkin and haybale theme, make it full of fall foliage, or whatever else you can find to make your outdoor fall home decor thrive.

Welcome your guests with fall



A layered rug and doormat is the perfect addition to your festive front door. You can play around with colors, prints, and quotes. Shop around and see what duo calls your name.

Seasonal foliage

Nothing screams seasonal decorations more than adding some potted flowers to your patio. Chrysanthemums, pansies, aster, and dianthus can all withstand cooler fall temperatures. Pot them and arrange them outside with your pumpkins to create the perfect fall scene. Bonus points if you plant flowers that are native to your area!

Make a natural door wreath

Every fall decor idea list needs a wreath, but you don’t have to go for the classic ribbon wreath. Try making your own wreath out of natural items. Pinecones, dried corn husks, grapevine, leaves, cranberries, and flowers are all amazing materials to add to a wreath. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about storing it for next year because you can just toss it in the compost bin when the season is over. If you’re not a wreath person but still want to add some fall to your front door, consider a chalkboard sign. You can decorate it however you want and wipe off the design for the next season.


Display seasonal flowers

Sunflowers, Goldenrod, and Rudbeckia are great options for a fall bouquet. Fill vases with these in-season flowers and place them on coffee tables, bedside tables, kitchen tables, etc. The addition of fresh, seasonal flowers adds the perfect touch of autumn to any room. If you want something to last all season, consider purchasing some fake, fall flowers to decorate your home. You could even decorate with dried flowers. They’ll last all season and can be composted after you’re done with them.

Ditch the overhead lighting

Overhead lighting provides harsh, bright light. For chilly fall nights, you want your home to give off a soft, warm glow. Floor lamps and table lamps work great for providing that cozy, dim atmosphere. You could even outline your windows and mantle with string lights or fairy lights to create even more of a glowing ambience, or switch your overheard light bulbs with smart bulbs that can be dimmed or change colors.

Fill your space with scents

Nothing will put you more in the fall spirit than filling your house with delicious smells. Make your apartment look and smell like autumn by adding some scented potpourri. Spicy scents (cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, and clove), sugary scents (apple, pomegranate, and vanilla), and earthy scents (cedar, sandalwood, and evergreen) will all add the fall mood to your home. Essential oil diffusers are a great option too. They fill the room with just as much scent, but they don’t require an open flame.

Take out your cozy blankets

Nothing makes a room look cozier than adding some fluffy blankets. Incorporate them into your autumn decor by draping them over your couch or displaying them in a blanket ladder. If you don’t want them on display, wicker baskets are great decorations that double as storage.

Swap out your living room pillows

Swap out your throw pillows for some fall-themed pillows. You could go all out and add pillows with fall prints, or you could take a subtle approach and swap out your pillows with warm, solid colors.

Refresh your bedroom with fall colors

Give your bedroom a quick and inexpensive makeover by switching out your comforter and pillow shams. Warm tones, like orange and red, will give your room that cozy feel. If you don’t want to commit to changing out your comforter, consider adding a throw blanket to your bed to incorporate the fall tones.


Make your table festive with a centerpiece

The kitchen or dining room table is the main gathering spot for fall festivities, making the centerpiece an essential part of bringing in the season. A table runner lined with small gourds, pumpkins, and fresh flowers is always a crowd pleaser. Look around; there are tons of fun options online to DIY or purchase.

Put copper pieces on display

Copper is a fantastic addition to any fall decor ideas list. If you have copper dishware, utensils, or cookware, take it out of the cabinets and put it on display. Copper mugs will look great neatly arranged on a bar cart. Copper pots and pans arranged on a hanging pot rack add a rustic charm to your kitchen while saving on cabinet space. Even try adding little copper accents to your kitchen like a copper utensil holder, copper teapot, copper canisters, etc.  Don’t be afraid to add cute touches to your counters and cabinets; hang garland, add lights, and display fall foliage throughout the kitchen.

Swap out your towels and small rugs

Again, small accents are the best way to add a bit of festive charm to your apartment. Swap your hand towels with seasonal tea towels in the bathroom and kitchen. You can go all out and have fall prints, or you can take a lowkey approach and swap them out for solid colors. Small rugs in the kitchen and bathroom can also be switched to match the towels.

Bring autumn to your bathroom

While it might not be the first place that comes to mind when you’re planning decorations, make small changes in the bathroom to bring your entire home into the season. Consider fall scented soaps and candles, and don’t forget to change the towels and mats to fall themes.


Paint Pumpkins

No fall decor ideas list is complete without the addition of pumpkins and gourds, but think outside of the box. The traditional carved Jack-O’-lantern is always a fun and festive option to add to your fall home decor, but there is much more you can do. Trade the carving tools for paints and a brush and get creative. Painting pumpkins is less messy but just as fun as the traditional carving. You could also go to your local pumpkin patch and see if they have gourds and pumpkins in different colors to display. Pumpkins and gourds are the best part of the season. Get creative and have fun decorating with them.

DIY accents

Have some fun with your decorations and consider DIY options. Papier-mâché pumpkins, leaf garland, and homemade grapevine wreaths are not only fun to make, but they can be added to a room as subtle accent pieces. Heat up your hot glue gun and make it a DIY project with friends and family!

Simmer while you decorate

Nothing will get you into the fall mood more than the smell of fresh herbs and spices. While you’re at home decorating or during a fall party, consider putting a simmer pot on the stove. Fill the pot with cinnamon, oranges, cloves, etc. There are many recipes online, so choose the one that will get you into the fall spirit. Just remember to keep your eye on the pot while the stove is hot.


Autumn is the gateway into the festive season. Enter this charming time of year on the right foot by turning your home into the perfect autumn wonderland. Hopefully, these fall decorating ideas spark your creativity and get you in the pumpkin spice spirit.

Published October 1, 2021


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